Soundbite painting VI


Enamel paint on canvas

20.6 x 25.6cm

Accepting that I am not an authority on any subject, that I am not and will never be in full possession of the facts, and that I cannot immediately supply a correct and definitive answer to every question I am asked is both critically important and exceptionally difficult for me. “I don’t know” is an admission I have been afraid to make for much of my life. The reason for this I cannot be certain of, but I believe social pressures and particular experiences, specifically with various figures of authority I have encountered throughout my life play a significant role. It is a burdensome and ever-present fear that I believe has affected all my social and professional relationships.

I am working on admitting ignorance, not just for its liberating effect, but also because it presents greater opportunity to open up to the ideas of others. There are things I believe I can provide information on based on my own experience. I have opinions and ideas, beliefs and thoughts and principles I feel are worth defending, but I work hard to remain aware that none can be absolute certainty. "Knowledge" stands to be corrected in the face of more compelling evidence irrespective of pride's preference, and though constant and at times bitter, this battle against one’s own ego remains virtuous and valuable beyond personal benefit alone.